Biting as a sensual art of power play and exchange

Presented by James A.
It’s the method of using teeth as a tactile instrument to exert control, induce pain and pleasure, control blood flow, to hold someone in place or assert dominance.  In this class, we will go over some of the techniques I employ to take biting from puppy love to leaving an impression on your biting partner(s).  You don’t need a lot of fancy gadgets or gear for this class, just a willingness to sink your teeth into the subject matter.  From light nibbling to clamping down on a major muscle group, this class will give you the basics to find out if you’ll be flagging houndstooth at your next event.

Watersports 101 – Let’s Get Soakin Wet!

Presented by Daddybear J
This is for the curious but not yet experienced. Piss play is a great intro kink, but there are tons of misconceptions out there. Join us to learn interactively about myths vs. facts, considerations when planning a scene or negotiating, and imaginative ideas to work it in. Demos possible depending one the venue setup.