The four areas of competition that you will be judged on are as follows:

INTERVIEW (100 Points)

The interview is held in private on Saturday afternoon. The goal of the interview is for the Judges to get to know you, your personality, experience level, communication skills, community involvement, etc… It allows the Judges to determine who would best represent Michigan’s Leather Community and the potential to be a leader in the community.

The following takes place during the MML contest on Saturday night:

BAR / CRUISE WEAR (40 Points)

This is the contestant’s introduction to the audience. Your style of dress is your wearing and outfit that you would wear when going out to a bar or fundraising event. This “casual dress” MUST include Leather.


Each contestant will have an opportunity to show off their “best assets.” Expressing their individuality is as important as body type. LEGAL STREETWEAR is required due to Michigan State Law: Genitals should be covered and a 1″ strap up the back.

You will be asked a light hearted question for you to show your “personality.”


This should include your most Formal Leather attire. Contestants will be judged on their overall appearance in Leather on stage. You will be judged on the look and how you articulate your thoughts in front of a crowd. The speech content is entirely up to the contestant. Speech length: 90 Seconds maximum.


NOTE: In the event there is only one (1) contestant competing at MML, that contestant must earn a minimum of 80% of the total available points from all the Judges to be awarded the title.